Vivo Neo Review

Vivo NeoPRICE: $110-$115
MEN’S WEIGHT: 7.7 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 5.9 ounces

The Neo features a patent, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole, anatomic shape and zero-drop profile; yet it also has a water-resistant upper and perforated Eco PU toe guard with abrasion-resistant rubber. The Neo combines the eye-catching retro style with the multi-terrain outsole so you can reap the benefits of maximum proprioception with protection for skillful barefoot movement on any surface. Neo gives you the ability to look good, feel great and move naturally.

User Reviews

Overall an excellent shoe: zero-drop, flexible, breathable, and smartly built. However, the shape of the toe area is not comfortable for someone with only a small curve from the small toe to the second toe. As much as I like this shoe, I won’t be buying another one until the design allows for more space in that area. Not sure why [they] make it so curvy. Otherwise nice shoes. ~Nastia

Great running shoes, the sole seems incredibly durable and the shoe is extremely flexible. I also appreciate the large toebox. ~A. Kellogg

Overall, these VivoBarefoot Neos are fantastic minimal shoes that have replaced my Nike’s in all my casual wearing! The design is a bit unusual, but the function is undeniable. If they were more breathable they’d be comfortable in bare feet, but socks are fine. If you’re looking for a comfortable minimalist shoe (or just a comfortable shoe in general) to wear all the time, you can’t go wrong with trying these for a first pair! ~Michael

My first introduction into the barefoot world. After reading much press regarding the barefoot movement I have finally ventured to the other side. The neo seems to be the easier for me to transition and after reading up on the shoe I am happy with my purchase. ~Kylie

They feel nothing like being barefoot. The sole is stiff and substantial. I accept that because there is a tradeoff between groundfeel and durability. In the perfect world, there would be a minimal tennis shoe that had more groundfeel and more durability than these. Until then or, until something better comes along, I will continue to buy these. ~M. Kramer