Vivo Legacy Review

Vivo LegacyPRICE: $140
MEN’S WEIGHT: 8.5 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 8.3 ounces

The Legacy is a luxury barefoot shoe designed to combine both style and function. The anatomic toe box maximizes toe splay and allows the foot to flex naturally for the ultimate barefoot experience. This ultra-thin, patented, puncture-resistant sole offers maximum proprioception with protection whether you’re hard at work or sprinting towards the finish line. While the Legacy is one of the more stylish barefoot shoes around, it may be not as practical when it comes to rough terrain and logging lots of miles.

User Reviews

Never have I had a pair of leather shoes that felt so natural so quickly. If you haven’t worn zero heels before, get used to walking clunky for a while, and plan on getting your cuffs altered so they don’t drag on the ground. But any sacrifice made by your pants is more than compensated by how good your feet will feel ~Steven Carnine

Very happy with these. True to size, roomy toe box and very soft comfortable leather. Definite winner here, nice one Vivo! ~John

The vivobarefoot legacy fills the gap between casual workplace attire and formal dress shoe quite well. I was primarily looking for something that I could wear with a suit to my friends’ wedding. I got several compliments that night, but I mostly enjoyed being able to use them at a less formal setting in a bar the next day. I like to travel light and these shoes definitely play a multifunctional role in my wardrobe. Vivo has been criticized by some as having poor quality control, and while I’ve experienced some issues with a different pair, these shoes have held up nicely. As always, ground feel is exceptional. Definitely worth the money if you enjoy a minimalist lifestyle. ~Anonymous

The leather and rubber sole felt kind of cheap, and there’s a tag that warns that the leather will bleed when wet. I really wanted to like these. Seemed like they could be very comfortable, but didn’t have a chance to wear them in. ~Anonymous