Vivo Evo II Review

Vivo Evo IIPRICE: $130
MEN’S WEIGHT: 8.3 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 5.9 ounces

Because everyone gets cold feet from time to time, Vivo redesigned their bestselling Evo to offer thermal protection. A removable 3mm EVA insole provides protection from colder weather elements so your favorite outdoor fitness activities aren’t compromised by inclement weather. The anatomic shape of the shoe and zero-drop profile allow the foot to move more naturally, while the ultra-thin, patented, puncture-resistant outsole offers maximum proprioceptive with protection. The Evo II is a multi-purpose and multi-terrain performance product.

User Reviews

The shoes are extremely flexible and light, and although you can feel when you stop on a rock, it does not pierce the sole, which is amazing. I have two problems with this shoe. One is that the paint on the upper part of the shoe rubs off. I got the red one so every time i take my socks off, they are completely red (that is unless they are black). It’s not that big a problem however because if you put your socks in the wash the color goes away. My second problem is that the upper part doesn’t breathe well. ~Tyler

My friend recommended the Evo running shoe for working out (was in Nike frees but wanted something that was less shoe and more barefoot). After much research and driving the awesome sales person insane(called their store about 10 times to get as much info as possible), I caved and have not regretted it ever since. A must have from the barefoot enthusiasts to “I don’t know a thing about being barefoot”. It’s simply… AMAZING. ~Barefoot Tom

I’m not a runner, but for working out and all day walking around town this is the first pair of shoes that haven’t been uncomfortable for even a second. I use them with the insoles in because the way I look at it, people evolved walking on cushioned surfaces, not concrete. I find the ground feel to be great. ~Chris

This shoe does not run a size small, so now i have a pair of shoes a full size too large for me to wear which is why they get a 1 star… ~Adam Nichols

These shoes are incredible. I have not been able to go back to ANYTHING nike or with a heel ever since I started wearing EVOs. Working to expand my choices now. ~Gary