Vivo Breatho Review

Vivo BreathoPRICE: $90
MEN’S WEIGHT: 9.6 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 7.54 ounces

The Breatho Trail is built with the ability to tackle the toughest of terrains yet still designed with ultra-lightweight breathability for the ultimate barefoot experience. The off road outsole is designed with multidirectional lugs to maximize grip, a puncture-resistant layer that maximizes protection while still being ultra-thin to maximize proprioception. The zigzag, lack-lock structure is designed to keep your foot secure, while also being fashionable. The anatomic toe box and zero-drop profile allow your toes to splay and your foot to flex.

User Reviews

Can’t fault this shoe. Excellent grip in muddy conditions, lovely wide toe box and so comfortable. Don’t like wearing anything else! ~Chris Smith

I run an average of 40-50 miles a week, nearly all on trail. I’ve been transitioning to minimalist footwear and these did not disappoint. These are super light-weight with a very minimal and barefoot feel given the superior traction for uneven and rocky terrain. They’ve held up remarkable well – these shoes are much more well-made than other out there that wear out way too soon. I also love the WIDE toebox that allows natural foot splay and accommodates swelling. Very comfortable! ~Colorado mountain mama

Every year Vivo gets better. This is the perfect lightweight thin trail running shoe. It is a complete steal for the price. ~J. Cohen

After a short run on a trail I’ve been on many times in other shoes, I was faced with the lugs on the red “V” on the bottom already tearing off and eventually one hanging by a sliver of rubber. I love these shoes, but I see no reason in ever trying a pair again until they use material that is FAR more resilient. Vivobarefoot, PLEASE use a better material, hire Virbam or another outside source because you’re current one is taking a great shoe and ruining it! ~jhooker

I’ve put about 100 miles of trail running on these since buying them, and they are fantastic! Great traction, lightweight, tons of toe room, and the locking-style lacing system works great. ~soru