Vibram Flow Review

Vibram FlowPRICE: $90
MEN’S WEIGHT: 6.6 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 5.6 ounces

Whether you are running in colder temperatures or crossing a stream with your kayak, the Flow provides comfortable barefoot protection. For thermal insulation, the Flow has a 2mm neoprene upper, which is also found in material used to make wetsuits. An EVA footbed provides additional insulation and protection, while the bottom features a razor-siped Vibram IndroGrip performance rubber outsole for added slip resistance over a variety of surfaces.

User Reviews

I found these to fit perfect after a bit of work to get them on. Yes, they are a little snug around the ankle. Guess what – that’s how they keep out debris and sand. These are great for water sports. I use mine for river and creek crossings as well as light hiking in between. ~hiker rage

Great for colder weather, water sports. Clean easily and dry fast! Great product and well mad. Soles have fantastic grip, and work well on ice if you move slow… ~Joe

These Vibrams in particular are, while being the only model that isn’t hideously ugly, are un-wearable. Neoprene is not a good material for shoes…I mean maybe if you are submerged in water all day, but for ordinary use, no way. ~CAG1137

I bought the Flows since they’re recommended for colder climates and it was getting too cold out to keep wearing my KSOs. I’ve worn my Flows in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit so far and they’ve kept my feet tolerable warm, although certainly not toasty warm or anything like that…I’ve also worn my Flows a few times on rainy days, and they do a great job of keeping your feet dry. ~Antonio

I desperately needed a FiverFinger that would help me with snow running. The toes are snug, maybe even a little tight but in my case, I’d rather have that than frozen toes. I would not recommend the Flow for running in warm and dry weather but for winter running, they work great. I am sure the tight toe is a design comprise because of how thick neoprene is – and my opinion the compromise worked out. ~PR the runner