Nike Huarache Free Run Review

Nike Huarache FreePRICE: $80-$110
WEIGHT: 11.8 ounces

The Nike Huarache Free men’s shoe is available in a few different styles. They are created for basketball players and runners alike. The free shield style is targeted more towards basketball, with additional ankle support, while the free run is obviously more targeted to runners. The design is such that it should mimic barefoot running, but the shoes aren’t created in a minimalist style. The Hurache was popular in the 1990s, and this re-make is a great improvement of the originals! The grooves on the bottom of the free sole allow for a wide range of motion, tailored to accommodate your running style.

User Reviews

The Nike Huarache Free has many reviews found right on the Nike website. Here is what a few Huarache users had to say about this shoe style:

I really like the overall design of the shoe however I wore these shoes for 3 days without running just walking and the seam on the right shoe started to pull away from the mesh. I wish these shoes were made better. ~Max from Nashville, TN

I got these shoes to replace the freeruns I outgrew for track and I love them. Comfortable, good flex, and easy to run in. ~amberlamps from New Hampshire

The original Huaraches were great shoes when they came out back in the 90’s, both the basketball and the runs. I’m all for the retro editions, but I like the new technology being incorporated into the re-released retros. These are the perfect blend of classic and modern. Although I don’t run in them, any neutral runner that doesn’t run heavy would love them as trainers. I personally bought them as summer kickarounds and couldn’t be more happy. ~c_gill20 from Tyler, Texas

These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! They are not loose and fit tight on your feet. It is kind of like wearing elastic on your feet with an outer covering. The only problem I have with these shoes is that if you are running and you step into a puddle…’re pretty much screwed but if you stay away from puddles these shoes are amazing and I couldn’t live without them! ~lmanrizz, St. Louis, Missouri