Nike Free Trainer 7.0 Review

Nike Free Trainer 7.0PRICE: $100
WEIGHT: 12.4 ounces

The Free Trainer 7.0 is well known for it’s outsole that actually bends in any direction that your foot wants to move in. Perfect for running, sports, and training of course. Made only in men’s sizes. They come in a variety of color schemes: yellow/black, silver/white/, red/black, white/black, black, and green/white.

User Reviews

I bought these shoes sometime back in a sale (lesser than current list price). its very comfortable and provides good grip around the centre of the foot (it emulates the shape of the foot). very good for running on a treadmill or off the beaten track. nike always. ~levisonly

I love these shoes. They are so flexible. There great for the training and running. The squeeze to your foot, it feels like you arent wearing any shoes. I own nike shox tl’s and t-mac 6’s and these nike free’s are by far my favorite to wear anywhere. I would reconmend these to anyone and everyone, athelete or a couch potatoe. best shoes ever made. ~topAthelete

I have plantar fascitis (high arches) and have to wear shoes inserts in every other shoe I have bought in the last 8 years…until I bought my Nike Free 7.0 running shoes. I bought the Nike Free 7.0 running shoes in September 2007, and I am still wearing them. This is BY FAR the BEST shoe I have EVER worn. I am a SSG in the Army so it goes with no saying that I am on my feet all the time, running and whatnot. As soon as I am off duty, you won’t catch me anywhere without my Nike Free 7.0’s on. I run at least 15 miles per week, so my shoes are taking a beating all the time. PLEASE NIKE, BRING BACK THESE SHOES FOR A SOLDIER!!! If Nike could bring these shoes back, I would buy 5 pairs the first day they come back. If Nike were to make military desert combat boots out of the Nike Free 7.0 I would buy those up, too. ~jefe