Nike Free Run 3 Review

Nike Free Run 3PRICE: $100
WEIGHT: 9.3 ounces

The Free Run 3 is more flexible and lightweight than the Free Run 2. It has a stretchy mesh material as well which helps your feet to breathe and be more comfortable. They are a lot like the Free Run 2, except they “run” in sizes for men, women, children, children that are in pre-school, and even infants. Some of them can be customized if you want to pay an extra $30.

User Reviews

These are my first pair of Free Runs, and they are amazing. They are super light weight, but are still very supportive. I highly recommend these shoes. ~Lancey11

It is important to keep in mind that these shoes are not TRUE barefoot shoes however they do lack a lot of sole that your normal everyday running shoe has. They are comfortable enough for me to go on anything less then a 5 mile run, anything over that and I would recommend going with a shoe that has a little more sole for the cushion. Other then the fact that they are a barefoot shoe that is not meant for anything more then a short run, the shoes feel amazing on my feet!! ~ER820

This was a sleek, beautiful black pair of shoes when first purchased. Unfortunately, after only two months of normal wear (not even everyday), the shoe looks a year or two old.

1) The black outer material quickly broke down into showing white and gray creases and threads. This is most obvious in the star patterned “slits” around the sides. This makes the show now appear to have gray or “graying”. (see user photo)

2) Most disappointing is that the toe cap appears to be “painted” black rather than molded black. The slightest scuff will show through to the actual white material. And after a month or two of normal wear, it just looks awful. (see user photos)

3) I keep finding tiny bits of black plastic under my sock when I take off the shoes. I can’t find exactly where it’s coming from, but it keeps appearing.

Overall, one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. And yet, after only a few months of use, it looks too rough to wear in casual situations. At $100 a pair, I expect more. ~M. Amburn