Nike Free Run 2 Review

Nike Free Run 2PRICE: $135
WEIGHT: 9.4 ounces

The Nike Free Run 2 is a very natural feeling, lightweight running shoe that is perfect for everyone in the family. The outsole is designed in such a way that causes you to walk “heel to toe” as you would barefoot. They come in sizes for men, women, boys, and girls. Any color scheme is possible because there is a customize option on the website. 

User Reviews

When I purchased these shoes, the fit felt amazing in the store. I walked up and down the aisle, and things felt in place. They were a bit high in my price range, but I felt that quality would compensate for the extra money I was investing. I took the shoes out for my first run just two hours ago. I usually run up to, and sometimes exceeding 10 miles depending on how I feel around that last mile. Somewhere during the second mile, the shoes became and instant nightmare. I felt from the beginning that my stride was a bit different, but I pushed along, and the comfort level I felt in the store was non-existant from then on. I trudged on for another 4 miles hoping that it was just in my head and that I needed to just get acclimated with the shoes. It was just worse and worse. I was exerting much more energy for half the output. My Nike+ sensor reflected those numbers into actual proof that I was struggling. 10 miles? I couldn’t even finish. I couldn’t go on after 5.85 miles, FAR less than my average goal. The discomfort was that unnerving. These shoes aren’t just a blow to my time, but also to my morale. I’m hoping I can return them, otherwise, I don’t have another pair of shoes I can wear for a long time because those aren’t going on my feet ever again and I can’t afford another pair. Even the drive home was uncomfortable. I felt like I was wearing a pair of frying pans. I’d recommend these to the casual runner. Scratch that…the park dog-walker. Nothing fast-paced. ~StevenMC19

Got these for my birthday yesterday. I wore them to a pickup softball game. After only 2 hours they broke in really nicely and felt like I had been wearing them for years!! So comfortable and really nice looking (I got the black and white ones). I would recommend this sneaker to anybody!! ~TMichaud

I am a womens size 7.5 and typically buy my Nike Free shoes in the womens dept. I noticed this youth shoe and tried to look up conversion for the size as I specifically needed this color. I was able to fit into a youth 6.5 and a 7. I bought both pairs as the price was so much less expensive buying these in youth rather than adult womens. They are comfortable and they look great! I have had more compliments than any $100+ shoe I own. I can wear them to the gym, to Disneyland walking all day and still feel like I look good and am comfortable. These shoes are light weight. The only problem is now my son is embarrised becasue his friends all have the same shoes as his mom.. ~Tania