Nike Free 4.0 Review

Nike Free 4.0PRICE: $90
WEIGHT: 8.2 ounces

Apparently, there’s a shoe more flexible than the Nike Free Run 3. The Free 4.0 is also much more lightweight, creating a more “barefoot” feel to it. This shoe is only made for men and women though, sorry kids. Even though it is very lightweight, it still provides excellept protection and durability. They are all mostly black, except for the light and dark grey.

User Reviews

I own a pair of the Nike Free Run 1 and the Nike Free Run 2 and love them both for short runs or sprints. This shoe, however, I DO NOT LIKE at all! I purchased a pair and could only wear them for half a day. They fit VERY NARROW and I felt like the shoes were cutting off circulation to my toes from the forefoot. My feet were hurting so badly that I had to leave work to go return the shoes. I also wore very thin running socks with these shoes. Because my feet hurt so badly, I couldn’t even wear them long enough to test out a run in them. I am really disappointed because the colorways that this shoe came out in are very cute. I love the contrast of a neutral color with splashes of vibrant colors. Thus, this shoe gets two stars (rather than one). ~CarolynT408

I think my Achilles injury last fall has something to do with running track work and too many hills in the frees. In the future I will avoid speed work and hill work with those shoes. But I do like them.Putting them, they definitely felt tighter and more narrow but I assumed they would stretch a little more as wore them. Put in a 12 mile run with a very consistent pace throughout. I could feel my outer right foot straining a little with the more narrow feel but ran through it. Overall, they felt extremely light and I LOVE the tongue being half sewn in… I hope more shoes pick up on that. Problem, when I got done, the outer arch of my foot was aching pretty bad. I actually had a hard time walking it off and had to ice tonight. ~Kolby

Initially I bought a pair of the orange ones for running, however after trying them out I could not wait to wear them again, so became my main pair of shoes to work and school. The lightness is what makes them perfect, you will never want to go back to anything else… It does take time to get used to them though, as it is indeed close to the barefoot sensation, however after a week or so, feet get used to it anyways, so I didn’t see a problem.. Just bought another pair of the yellow ones, and tried different color on each foot (for the kicks). The new shoe wasn’t as comfortable, so I guess it may take some time (a week or so, as previously) to break them in. Just go to the nearest store, and try them out… You will never forget the sensation… ~PetrasJP