Nike Free 3.0 Review

Nike Free 3.0PRICE: $100
WEIGHT: 7.2 ounces

According to Nike, The Free 3.0 is the closest to barefoot running that they can offer. It’s more lightweight than the 4.0, has deeper flex grooves, and has the inner mesh sleeve for that snug fit. They come in sizes for men, women, and kids.They are also customizable.They also come in a few different colors: Blue, neon green, light green, black, orange, and grey.

User Reviews

This is an overall good product. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the width. It fits like a really tight sock. I had to take out the laces to get a moderately good feel for me. I have not been able to run in these because of the tight fit, but as casual shoes these are great! I only hope that Nike comes out with wider widths sometime in the near future. ~Nickodeamous

I have only ran in the Free Run+2 and the Free 3.0 V4 so can only compare these two. For what it’s worth I really enjoy running in the 3.0 v4. I kinda like the soft midsole and barely even notice the shoes when I am running in them. I got hot feet once after wearing thick socks but never again. It’s actually my favourite shoe at the moment. ~Romeo23

In terms of longevity my Free 3.0s have been amazingly durable, the first thing that goes is the firmness in the mid-sole, but if you’re running roads or non rocky dirt tracks this isn’t really an issue – you didn’t buy these shoe for cushioning right? They do get a bit spongy after about 400 kilometers, but I kinda like the familiar, comforting feel of a well worn in pair of frees. ~Brian