New Balance Minimus 20 Review

New Balance Minimus 20PRICE: $99.99
MEN’S WEIGHT: 8.1 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 6.5 ounces

A waterproof suede upper combined with a durable Vibram outsole makes this a serious shoe. It protects your feet from thorns, dirt and water. It’s also odor resistant, so you don’t have to wear socks. The Minimus 20’s also have Welded seams (a no-sew material application). This feature prevents chafing and reduces the weight, both of which are a plus for serious runners. It has a 4mm drop, making this a transition shoe for runners wanting to move to the zero drop shoes.

User Reviews

At any rate, this shoe will not be making it into the regular rotation with my [other] shoes to teach my CrossFit classes in, but I have already worn these out on weekends a few times, and the slick black with the red sole is an eye-catching combo that seems to turn heads. So, if you want a good casual shoe to wear with jeans or if you’re looking for a good transitional shoe to wear until you’re ready for the real minimal shoes, these are the shoe for you. ~Joey

…After only the second time wearing them, the black material that runs along the front, toe area of the shoe has started to peel, leaving me to question the craftsmanship. Only time will tell how the hold up…. Save the box and packing slip for a couple weeks, just to be on the safe side. ~Gerard

Definitely order a size larger than you need. I went 1/2 a size and these were still very snug. They are not very comfortable for long distance running, I prefer my Nikes. But these are great gym shoes. Squats, lunges, cardio equipment (minus the treadmill). These have become my official gym shoes. Probably won’t buy again though. ~BulletProof