Merrell Sonic Glove Review

Merrell Sonic Glove PRICE: $125
WEIGHT: 6.5 ounces

Run naturally over any terrain wearing the Sonic Glove barefoot training shoe. A breathable, flexible softshell upper molds to your foot while pulling moisture out to keep it dry. The Vibram sole and minimal cushioning underfoot give you close-to-the-ground protection and traction for unlimited access to any adventure.

User Reviews

The following reviews come from the official Merrell website. You can read more reviews there.

I really have liked these shoes. I previously had the trail glove, which was also a great shoe. I like about the Sonic glove that it has the water resistant shell. While not as breathable as the Trail Glove, this shell protects my foot more from sand when I go hiking on some of the sandy trails of Zion National Park. Besides that, it feels very similar to the Trail Glove. Great for running/hiking/everyday wear. The only time I don’t wear these shoes is on Sunday for church, and on the days when I want to wear my Vibram Komodo Sport shoes. This is a great shoe!

Evaluated several other types of minimalist trail runners and these are hands down the best. I’ve logged 200+ miles so far, all trails and with extremely rocky, rough and – at times – fully submerged rain/creek terrain. Light on the foot but even when wet are 100% responsive. Sole and fabric are very durable – I typically tear up shoes in the first 50-100 miles and, except for mud stains, these things are holding up perfectly. Easy lace/grommet configuration for getting in and out and the fit is, well, like a glove.

The moisture-repellant nature of the Sonic Glove upper became apparent yesterday when I dipped my forefoot into the river while my dog took a swim. When I pulled my foot out, the water beaded up and rolled right off my shoe (much like the little bubbles of mercury we used to push around a lab bench in middle school ā€“ Iā€™d probably be arrested if I tried that today!). I continued to play around a bit in the river, and the only way that water got into the shoe was if I submerged the tongue and laces. Otherwise the upper seems to pretty much block water entry completely ā€“ it was pretty cool actually. ~Run Blogger

I would definitely recommend getting fitted properly and trying on several different pairs, brands and styles before making a decision. Having a resource like the Nature Shop can be your best path to finding the right barefoot trainer for your feet. ~Dave Creech