Merrell Road Glove Review

Merrell Road GlovePRICE: $110
WEIGHT: 6.6 ounces

The Merrell Road Glove men’s shoe is perfect for those who want a sturdy shoe that will allow for a very natural running experience. The very thin vibram soles, and the breathable mesh let your feet feel unrestricted, but still keep your feet protected from anything on the ground that could injure your feet. The road glove has a bit more arch support than some of the other barefoot Merrells, so if you prefer a little more support and a bit thicker sole, then these might be the shoe for you!

User Reviews

Many reviews of the Merrell Road Glove can be found on the Merrell website. Here is some of the most helpful customer feedback.

I have extremely narrow feet (C), and have a difficult time finding non-custom shoes that fit well, let alone running shoes. My girlfriend, who also has narrow feet, had extolled the virtues of Merrell and their products, but I was suspicious. One day we were at the mall and she dragged me into their store, as I had been talking earlier about trying barefoot/minimalist running. I popped on a pair of Twilight Road Gloves and was immediately impressed. The shoe fit my foot like, well, a glove; even without socks. The feel of the ‘zero’ sole immediately forces the brain to adjust stride to mid/forefoot striking. I hit the road that night and ran 3 miles (wanted to give myself time to adjust to the style). Though initially sore, as my body was adjusting to the new running style, within the first month my legs had built up and I was kicking myself for not trying this shoe and style sooner! The Road Glove makes for a most excellent running experience! ~Brendan

For me they are nice and light and I am not doing a heavy amount of running. I do prefer shoes with more support and cushion. ~frankcutronijr

Very comfortable with plenty of room for my toes. It fits my feet better than any shoe I have had before and they keep nice and cool during hot weather. They have also been the most durable pare of minimalist I have ever owned. I have put them through sand, mud, rain, dirt, and practically everything but snow and the only sign of wear they have is that the tread is getting quite smooth. That after putting almost 450 miles on them with the look that they may be able to survive another 100 to 150 miles. The only thing I don’t like about the shoe is that I can’t where them without socks like they are advertised. I took them on a 16 mile run sockless and came back with bloody feet. They can be worn with much thinner socks than most shoes though. So they do work better than any other barefoot shoe I have had so far. ~Scoobs

As usual Merrell hits another homerun with these shoes. Where I live now I do not get much trail running in anymore so I had to set aside my trail gloves and pick these up. I prefer to wear barefoot shoes barefooted and at first they were a bit stiff and caused a blister on my back heel. I decided to wear socks to prevent further blisters just until I broke them in. Now they are good to go and my favorite pair so far. ~Dave