Merrell Pace Glove Review

Merrell Pace GlovePRICE: $100
WEIGHT: 4.7 ounces

The Merrell Pace Glove women’s shoe was awarded the “Best Trail Running Shoe” by Shape Magazine in 2011. This minimalist barefoot shoe is vegan friendly (meaning no animal products were used in the making) and has a very breathable mesh outer layer. The durable vibram soles provide the perfect amount of protection, while not adding too much weight to the shoe. The main complaint of this shoe is that the largest size available is 11, and the sizing chart seems to be off on many shoes. It is suggested that you don’t purchase a pair without trying the shoes on to make sure that the fit is correct.

User Reviews

There are at least 300 reviews of the Pace Glove on the Merrell website. Here are a few that point out the good and the bad associated with this style!

These are, without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I initially purchased them to wear during kickboxing classes and strength training workouts. They were so comfortable that I pretty quickly started wearing them every day, to work or just out running errands. Eventually I transitioned to trail running in them, too. OCRs are becoming really popular now and every time I talk to someone about them (or anyone interested in barefoot shoes) I recommend these. I’ve worn mine through two mudruns so far, washed them off and they’re still in great condition. The stitching on the top is starting to come out, but with so much wear that’s to be expected. When I finally wear through the sole on these I’ll definitely be buying another pair. ~lhutton

I purchased these and wanted to love them, but they just did not work well for me. I purchased them in a 8 and a half but the toe box was to short and my big toe kept rubbing against the top of the shoe, the other problem was the sole of the shoe. I have little to no arch support, which is fine but there is a portion of the shoe that is thicker where your foot pad is and less material where the arch is, this essentially made me pronate worse. I tried multiple times to use them on a treadmill but they just never got comfortable. I don’t know if it would have been better to have gotten a wide width, but they didn’t have that option when I got them. ~SereneBean

My biggest concern is the useless piece of pleated fabric that rubs against the Achilles tendon. I’ve formed blisters and seems like most women are having the same issue with these shoes. ~Kathy Vu

I bought these shoes after reading an article about “barefoot” shoes. Since I am most comfortable walking around barefoot, I thought I would give them a try. They are great! Very comfortable, and I really do feel like I am walking barefoot. They are very lightweight. I ordered a half-size larger than my actual shoe size to allow space for sports socks, and they fit perfectly. My only suggestion to the manufacturer would be to make the colored straps that cross the tongue out of elastic or some other stretchy material so it is easier to get them on. ~Margie in Long Beach