Merrell Flux Glove Review

Merrell Flux GlovePRICE: $100 – $110
WEIGHT: 6.8 – 8.5 ounces

The Merrell Flux Glove men’s shoe is a brand new addition to the Merrell barefoot lineup. It comes in a regular version and a sport version. The sport version features a mesh top, while the regular version has suede. There is a slight price difference between the two versions, but both have The durable Vibram soles that are only 4 mm thick, giving the perfect amount of cushion to prevent bruising the bottom of your feet. The regular shoe provides a little more protection from water and sand, while the sport version is a bit lighter and very minimalist.

User Reviews

Reviews for the Flux Glove Sport and the regular Flux Glove tend to be very positive. This style may be a good choice for some runners.

The soles are the king here. Vibram outsoles the same as the road glove. The soles are a lot thicker than I would have liked (that means more weight and less flexibility), but I suppose that would give more rock protection for the rocky trail runs. I wanted shoes that would be great for both road and trail. These are smooth on the road and perform well on fairly flat leveled muddy trails. The minimal padding is just right and extra padding for 10+ mile runs is not needed frankly as the soles are that good. They are also not springy and do not provide any savings in energy as far as I can tell. When running, I have to work hard to get to speed… ~vincent

Great shoes. Nice, lightweight, great feel. I like that they are styled more like a casual shoe, and not attention grabbing running shoes. ~jessievitrone

I have only been using these for a little while. However, they are light, comfortable and have good traction. I think I ordered them a little too wide though. At any rate they are a nice running / workout shoe. ~flan

People may say that there is more arch than they like for a minimalist shoe, however the arch in the Flux Glove is not a “support” but a form that ensures that the shoe stays molded to the foot like a glove as you move. Also, the leather top is breathable and durable. Keeps you dry when running from car to store in the rain, yet I’ve been walking around my neighborhood all day in 97 degree heat and my feet do not feel too hot (it breathes like any 3 season shoe should). ~scottpayne