Merrell Bare Access Review

Merrell Bare AccessPRICE: $90
MEN’S WEIGHT: 5.6 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 4.9 ounces

The Bare Access shoe is another barefoot running shoe put out by Merrell. These shoes allow you to land flat on the ground, but unlike many running shoes, they still offer some cushioning for those who need it. This type of shoe will improve your form and muscle memory. The mesh fabric allows for maximum ventilation. Be cautious when purchasing this shoe, as the Vibram soles only cover the heel and ball of the foot, and not the toe area. Because of this, many runners have had problems with the toe being worn down after a very short time period.

User Reviews

Merrell features user reviews right on their website! Here are a few reviews for both the Men’s and the Women’s models.

Just got these shoes today. Love how they fit and feel, but, unlike any other Merrell shoe I’ve ever purchased (which is a lot of shoes), they are already falling apart! One 10 mile run on a well manicured trail and a bit of pavement and the sole is already detaching from the upper! Pretty bummed out, I really wanted to love this shoe (which I did, up until mile 10). ~mechengr

Got these last Wednesday (April 4th) and returned them today (April 9). I Ran less than 10 miles in them all on a rubber track and they both started falling apart. The upper started splitting off from the sole. The fit was perfect and they were definitley comfortable. If it wasn’t for them falling apart I would say they were the best running shoes I ever owned. Hopefully it was a product fluke and the replacement one will be good to go. ~Jeff

I just bought a pair of the barefoot Merrells and i couldn’t believe that i thought my old shoes were comfortable. The shoes fit perfect to my wide foot and heavy arch and have made me enjoy PT much more! I can honestly say i don’t think i will ever buy another brand, your shoes have absolutely won me over. They even take an absolute beating here in Afghanistan and withstand everything i can throw at them while still remaining the most comfortable and versatile shoe that i have ever worn! i cant thank you enough for the product design keep up the good work! ~Dick White

The shoe allows your feet to stretch out and run in a more natural gait rather than be forced and confined as other, more expensive shoes have done. When I run longer than 2 miles, I have had knee pain in the past whereas with the barefoot arc I have had ZERO knee pain. I will say, antimicrobial does not mean they will not stink to high heaven running with no socks, because they smell much worse than my running shoes in the past. Luckily, they wash very well in the machine on gentle and dry relatively quick. Love, love, love these shoes!!! ~Carrie C

I absolutely love these shoes, and am very sad that I cannot give them a five star review, and will not purchase them again. I specifically bought them for parkour training, the extra 4mm of padding compared to the pace glove (which I also own and love) is beneficial. They are flexible, grippy, and let you feel the ground, yet they give your foot extra protection. I have never had a shoe for parkour that I loved immediately, but these shoes were the exception. They have been excellent for training in every way but one. I expect my shoes to get beat up pretty quickly, but I have only owned these for a month and will be lucky if I can wear them for another week. The foam near the toe has worn away to the point that I can see the fabric underneath. The Vibram part is excellent and is barely showing any signs of wear, but the foam is not sturdy and is quickly falling apart. These shoes might be fine for road running, but they aren’t going to hold up to anything that stresses them in a slightly different way. Merrell, these shoes have the potential to be awesome like the rest of your line, please make them a little bit more sturdy! ~Kcoyne