Brooks PureGrit Review

Brooks PureGritPRICE: $100
MEN’S WEIGHT: 8.9 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 7.6 ounces

This shoe is unique because Brooks teamed up with ultramarathon runner, Scott JUrek, to help develop this special shoe. It is unique in that it has a one-piece outsole that has a concave shape and as soon as force is applied, the shoe splays out to provide a balanced lay-down. It doesn’t stop there. This shoe also has a smooth grip lug pattern and a wide base to protect the feet, but still allows the runner to feel the touch of the ground. Last and best of all, this shoe has an ultralight mesh and conforming foam upper, so the shoe really hugs the foot.

User Reviews

Users can post their own reviews straight to the Brooks website. Scroll down the page and you’ll see the user reviews underneath the shoe review. Here are a few of the reviews rated most helpful:

I was surprised. This is a great trail shoe and super light weight. I have not worn it on super rocky trails yet (I don’t know about the cushioning on sharp rocks?). I use my brooks adrenaline for those trails. ~GreatNorthernPT

The soles are terrible. Reasonable grip does not exist. I’ve slipped tice walking down an incline whenthe ground was wet/damp. The grid pattern on the sole is not adequate to keep from immediate wear on the base of the sole. This is NOT any value for [$]. If I could return these I depfinitely would. DO NOT buy these. ~Tom

Just bought these and have only taken them out on the trail a few times. So far, they’re perfect. My feet feel good after I run. I have never had a really good pair of trail runners so I’m very happy with my purchase. ~Rock Nerd

I returned these shoes because they made my right heel/ankle hurt after trail and pavement running on the first day for 7 miles. Not too much cushion in the heel part. They worked great on the trail though! GREAT GRIP! ~ln