Brooks PureFlow Review

Brooks PureFlowPRICE: $90
MEN’S WEIGHT: 8.7 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 7.5 ounces

This shoe was named “Best Buy” in the Spring Shoe Guide of Runner’s World in March 2012. It has some of the most innovative technology. This shoe has a wider Nav Band that comes up the lateral side of the shoe and grabs the mid sole. This means the foot will receive arch support without the bulkiness of underfoot materials. There is also a center strike pod that provides guidance in finding the natural landing zone. All of this technology is created to provide the most incredibly comfortable fit. This shoe will last approximately 250-300 miles.

User Reviews

Users can post their own reviews straight to the Brooks website. Scroll down the page and you’ll see the user reviews underneath the shoe review. Here are a few of the reviews rated most helpful:

I had the PureConnect for about 350 miles, and I felt they were a little too wobbly for me, so I went for the wider sole. I really like the sole, but the tongue is just too chunky. My Nirvana would be PureFlow sole, but PureConnect upper. Also, the laces are far too short to do a proper runners lacing using the two holes at the top of the shoe. I just switched out my PureConnect laces and they work fine. ~Fleetfeet Lincoln

I can honestly say this is the best balanced shoe I have found between cushioning and promoting good form. The slight heel to toe drop helps to have a good running form while having good cushion at the same time. Shoe is flexible, and a decent weight. All around I am nothing but pleased with this shoe. I usually run about 20 miles a week, and have tried many many shoes. I tired the pure connect first and the amount of arch didn’t work right, brooks returned them no questions asked. ~msij

I bought these after the Brooks shoe adviser advised that these were similar to the Nike Free Runs. The only similarity these two shoes have in common is the fact that they are both lightweight. However, the pureflows felt much bigger than my free runs- like there was too much shoe. I kept tripping over my feet. Also, the back of the pureflow shoes come up too high and rub the back of my heel. The nike free runs do not have the stiff backs and rubbing issues that the pureflows do. ~AprilRuns

I just bought this shoe a week ago and have gone on several runs since. They did not cause any new shoe break in foot ailments even after my 14 mile long run. Extremely comfortable. I would definitely recommend them! ~M.M.