Brooks PureConnect Review

Brooks PureConnectPRICE: $90
MEN’S WEIGHT: 7.2 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 6.5 ounces

This shoe was named “Best Debut” in Runner’s World’s Winter 2012 Shoe Guide. It is no wonder this shoe is becoming increasingly popular. This shoe is perfect for runners who want to feel the freedom of their run, because the shoe is so lightweight and flexible. There is a split toe groove that extends through the forefoot allowing the runner to engage the foot and achieve a greater connection to the ground. This shoe is expected to last approximately 250-300 miles.

User Reviews

Users can post their own reviews straight to the Brooks website. Scroll down the page and you’ll see the user reviews underneath the shoe review. Here are a few of the reviews rated most helpful:

I have been running in the Green Silence as my primary shoe for training and racing for the last several years, and was quite excited to see how the PureConnect would stack up to a shoe that I already loved. It has so far met and exceeded all my expectations. I would recommend this shoe to anyone who is already doing most of their running in flats or minimalist shoes. The biggest thing I noticed is how easy it is to maintain my form and proper strike in these shoes. I have yet to race in these shoes or do any long (20+ miles) training runs, but I suspect they will perform just as well as they have been during my shorter runs.

I have a partial rupture of the achilles tendon and unfortunately the rear collar of this shoe rubs it. I saw that several other reviews say similar things about the heel. Otherwise these shoes are amazing, would have given them 5 stars except for the heel collar needs work. ~sandy0561

These are without a doubt the best speed shoe I have found. My favorite feature is that the arch and band make for a snug and comfortable fit. The profile is low and the shoe is SUPER light. I took them for a 5 mile speed day today and loved the flexibility and responsiveness. I can’t wait to wear these in races 45 minutes or under. The bright yellow/green combo is striking and WILL get noticed. People new to racing flats might want to transition into these slowly. ~Small Town Runner

I pre-ordered these when they came out and I’m very happy with them, I run with the Ravenna 2 and these are my racing, 5k shoes. I love them, very light. I dont even feel like I have them on.

After my first workout in these shoes, blisters were worn in to both my achilles tendons. After feeling the culprit part of the shoe responsible, I noticed hard round spots in the material. I’m hoping with more use and wear these spots relax in the fabric. Otherwise, the shoe feels comfortable and stable everywhere else.