Brooks PureCadence Review

Brooks PureCadencePRICE: $120
MEN’S WEIGHT: 9.5 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 8.3 ounces

This shoe has many great features. Brooks made this shoe in mind of a lean construction with a responsive fit, and that’s exactly what they got. This shoe delivers support by having a wider Nav Band that is locked in to the medial strike pod, a reinforced heel counter that secures the foot, and the internal PDRB that helps prevent overpronation. This shoe is precisely for runner’s who are looking for stability and support. This shoe will give the runner a natural foot strike with a lightweight shoe. This shoe is expected to last for approximately 250-300 miles.

User Reviews

Users can post their own reviews straight to the Brooks website. Scroll down the page and you’ll see the user reviews underneath the shoe review. Here are a few of the reviews rated most helpful:

From the moment I put these shoes on, I knew that I had found a better running shoe. I was able to run with the mid-foot/fore-foot strike that I had been training on with relative ease. The shoe guides your foot into the mid-foot strike, just like the Newtons do. The added arch support and cushion made my running 10x more comfortable. I hadn’t even realized that I was missing these ingredients. ~MO Ultrarunner

I have been an Adrenaline guy for 6 series.This shoe is a minimalist equal.I love this shoe!Ihave been a Brooks weartester and this shoe is great. ~dadruns

My single gripe is that it does not come in wide sizes. For those who tend towards wide shoes (Sometimes I do, and sometimes can get by on a B width) This shoe runs narrow. The stretch responsive uppers trick you into thinking you’ll get by without needing the width, but as the mileage creeps up, you’ll definitely notice. I’ve got the blisters to prove it. ~Jackie K

I bought Glycerin 10 and it’s one most comfortable shoes if you have wider foot, but for sure not Pure Cadence, which is way too tight. I follow the instruction online, which is very unacurate. ~barista

I bought these after having foot pain from running in flat/thin shoes. I started training for a half marathon and needed a more supportive shoe for the long runs to come. So far, so good! I certainly get a lot more support and like the rounded edge of the heel (It guides my foot on more of a straight path so I do not supinate.)This is a great shoe! Very supportive and seems to have cushioning in all of the right places. No more pain for me! ~Lauren