Asics Piranha SP 4 Review

Asics Piranha SP 4PRICE: $110
WEIGHT: 4.3 ounces

This shoe is so light you’ll think the box you get in the mail is empty. Want to feel like you’re not even wearing shoes while you run? While still having some of the must-have features? Then this shoe is for you. The Piranha by Asics has been the go-to shoe for runners everywhere.

User Reviews

When I received the package, I honest to god thought I had been ripped off, because the box they came in felt empty. These shoes weigh in at 4.2 ounces each. Just for reference, that’s less than half the weight of Puma Tapers or Nike Frees. Some initial reactions I had when I took the shoes out of the box was that for one, the material of the shoe is very thin and fabric like, and two, the sole of the shoe seemed really thick and hard. But despite that, when I tried them out I was pleasantly surprised at how much support my feet get from this thin material, and also how easily the soles bend over the bracket for easy hand BS’ing. Another cool thing I noticed is that the shoes are amazingly well ventilated. There’s a nice cool breeze over my feet when I play. ~Source

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Best shoe I ever had or have seen anywhere. It is so light one can hardly believe it. When I got the shipment, I had to shake the shoe box to make sure the shoes were in it. It feels as an empty box, that’s how light these are. Running in them is fantastic, they support the front of the foot properly, while not adding any significant weight to the foot.

I’ve had these shoes for over a year, and despite the tread having worn down significantly, they’re still holding up incredibly well. The shoes themselves are unbelievably light, and are a great alternative to going barefoot. I’ve used them for running and for parkour with no issues – in fact, I’ve had fewer injuries with these shoes than with more heavy-duty over-engineered shoes. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear heavy shoes again.