Asics DS Racer 9 Review

Asics DS Racer 9PRICE: $100
WEIGHT: 7.7 ounces

Advanced cushioning and ultra cool drainage system only scratch the surface of features crammed into this lightweight shoe. The DS Racer by Asics is a long time favorite of many long distance runners because of the DuraSponge Outsole and Trusstic System which reduces the weight of the sole making for a comfortable and light run.

User Reviews

I’ve worn the DS 9 quite a bit now and the outsole wear seems to be OK, certainly not something to be concerned by. However, while its very comfortable, it doesn’t have the ‘pop’ that I want in a racing shoe. As a result I’ve taken to using them on shorter recovery runs as a subsitute for a minimal shoe and started doing more of my fast runinng in the Adidas Adios 2. ~Adrian Marriott

Purchased my Asics bright blues from and they arrived in time for my ocean vacation. I wear a woman’s size 8 but were not available so purchased smallest men’s size and they fit perfectly. I will be watching to see more bright colors and styles of Asics brand available to purchase at Amazon. Customer

The DS race just wasn’t enough shoe for me. ~Runner’s World