Altra Samson Review

Altra SamsonPRICE: $99.99
WEIGHT: 8.2 ounces

The Samson has the great fit of the Altra Adam, their most minimalstic shoe, with a lace-up design and also a stronger midsole. The soles will grip to any surface, making it easy to transition between any type of trail. This shoe will give your foot enough space to make it comfortable. Just like any Altra shoe, it is zero drop, meaning there is no elevated heel.

User Reviews

I like the Altra Samsons; they’re a solid contender against the Adam and I think it’s a tough call on which to get between the two. Between the two, you can’t really go wrong. Looking at all the other options in this range, well, good luck! ~Birthday Shoes

Obviously, it’s also a comfortable medium for Altra’s own existing models – so if either side of the existing spectrum is too much for you, the Samson or Delilah might be just the shoe you’re looking for. ~Running and Rambling

…it is a fantastic shoe and manages to stand out even in an increasingly popular and rapidly growing segment where the Road and Trail Glove and BareX 180 can be found. ~9Run

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