Altra Provision Review

Altra ProvisionPRICE: $104.99
WEIGHT: 9.9 ounces

This shoe is modeled after the Altra Instinct model but they added a firmer midsole and a neat little stability wedge that you can insert if you have fallen arches. This shoe provides great stability and support without all of the bulk that shoes like that would usually have. Of course, since this is an Altra, it is zero drop from the toe to the heel.

User Reviews

The next day, I did wake up sore, but here’s the difference- I had NO joint pain, no sore feet, no twinges in my knees or ankles. You know what hurt? My MUSCLES! My calves and quads were screaming, because they had never been used as the shock absorbers they were meant to be!

In short this is probably the most comfortable road shoe I’ve ever worn in my 20+ years of running; even better than my previous favorite the Altra Instinct! ~Birthday Shoes

I was having problems with my feet hurting, my ankles hurt, and finally decided to go to a store and get some professional advice on the type of shoe to wear. The guy brought this out and I was like Who is Altra. I tried them and I am in LOVE with this shoes. ~Photographyco at

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