Altra Lone Peak Review

Altra Lone PeakPRICE: $109.99
MEN’S WEIGHT: 9.9 ounces
WOMEN’S WEIGHT: 8.9 ounces

This is Altra’s mountain trail running shoe that comes in both male and female. Like most other shoes from Altra, this one is designed to keep your feet as comfortable as possible with a wider toe-box and a design that deflects impact from rocks into the midsole. Of course, this shoe is also zero drop, where your toes and heel are at the same elevation.

User Reviews

The toe box is the widest and biggest I’ve ever worn or seen. This is to allow for “natural toe spread — maximizing natural shock absorption, stability and comfort… ~Military Times

If you’re an avid trail runner who is dabbling in minimalist footwear but wants just enough shoe to properly protect your feet from sharp objects and toe/heel/ankle jams and stone bruising;, then this is the shoe for you. The fact that it’s zero drop and has an ample toe box that allows natural toe splay should be enough! ~Birthday Shoes

The Altra Lone Peak is very simple, well-cushioned, zero-drop shoe that is built to last. I have no doubts, after well over 100 miles of tough trail running in my Lone Peaks, that these shoes would last 1,000 miles as Altra claims. ~I Run

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