Altra Intuition Review

Altra IntuitionPRICE: $74.99
WEIGHT: 8.1 ounces

This is Altra’s women’s version of the Altra Instinct for men. That is the cool thing about Altra, they make specific men and women’s version of their shoes and title them differently. Anyway, just like the Instinct, this shoe is made to combine the benefits of minimalist running shoes with the comfort, protection, and support of a traditional running shoe.Just like any Altra shoe, it is zero drop, meaning there is no elevated heel.

User Reviews

Really, my only negative on these shoes is that they aren’t the “coolest” looking shoes in town, but I’d much rather have happy feet, so who cares! ~The Fit Fork

I’ve had the Intuitions for a few months now and I’ve done long road and trail runs in them. My feet love them. They are absolutely comfortable and the first time I put them on, I knew right away they were going to be fun to run in and they are! ~Lisa on Natural Running Store

…The result is a very comfortable shoe. I have hammertoes from years of wearing heels, so shoes with a tighter toe box are often uncomfortable if worn for longer runs. The lack of toe discomfort was one of the first things I noticed after wearing the Intuitions on a number of runs of varying distance. ~30 Something Mother Runner

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