Altra Eve Review

Altra EvePRICE: $51.99
WEIGHT: 4.5 ounces

This is Altra’s female component of their most minimalist shoe. The Eve is made of a very breathable fabric to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature. They are modeled after the human foot so they are very comfortable to wear. With the sole, you can run on any surface with these shoes and your feet will stay protected and comfortable. This shoe is as minimalist as you can get without running barefoot. Just like any Altra shoe, it is zero drop, meaning there is no elevated heel.

User Reviews

Running in the Eve is a lot of fun. My toes had plenty of room to do their thing but the Eve was secure on the rest of my foot. They fit like a glove and “disappeared” while I was running in them. Running felt natural. Just like it’s supposed to. ~Lisa on Natural Running Store

I have enjoyed my experience thus far with the Eves. They are quickly becoming a regular in my shoe rotation, and, unlike some of the other minimalist shoe options I have tried, will probably stay there for a while! ~Technically Running

Once I put them on and walked around for a bit I was in heaven. They were super comfy. I wasn’t expecting that. I didn’t want to take them off. I do believe I walked around and sat around in them for a good 15-20 min before finally taking them off. ~Run Break