Altra Delilah Review

Altra DelilahPRICE: $99.99
WEIGHT: 8.2 ounces

This shoe is the female version of the Altra Samson. It too is less minimalistic than Altra’s Adam and Eve due to the lace up design. It is tailored to the woman’s foot. It has a nice midsole that takes the brunt of any impact and the grip on the bottom of the shoe makes it easy to transition through any surface. Just like any Altra shoe, it is zero drop, meaning there is no elevated heel.

User Reviews

The Delilah is a seriously fun shoe! I love running in the Delilah because it lets me run the way I was meant to run. The shoe fits my wide foot perfectly and my foot and toes have the room they need to run naturally. I can feel the ground while I’m running and that makes me hyper aware of my running form and landing so they are my favorite shoe for recovery runs. I run smarter in them. ~Lisa on Natural Running Store

The Delilah is a shoe made for runners, designed by runners. Unlike other companies that joined the minimalist movement by simply cutting down the heel or changing the name on their current styles, Altra has designed a shoe that puts the foot first. ~Gumption Gear

Really, there’s not much I would say bad about this shoe. It has worked really well for me so far. I have been using it in small doses, only on short runs and at the beginning of a few longer ones. ~Miss Zippy