Asics Brand Review

Asics Logo

Asics began in 1949 with a man named Kihachiro Onitsuka. The name Asics did not get decided until 1977. This name is an acronym for “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” which means “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” The company represents the belief that health and fitness is the best way to promote a happy lifestyle.

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Altra Brand Review

Altra Logo

Altra Zero Drop Footwear has been in the running industry for over 30 years now, and they have an excellent staff to prove it. They are a unique company, because they have brought zero drop, foot shape, and gender specific characteristics to the table. The zero drop makes this shoe company stand out.

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Brooks Brand Review

Brooks Logo

Starting back in the early 1900’s, Brooks has maintained popularity and currently they sell shoe apparel in over 40 different countries. They have a reputation for creating shoes that provide a perfect fit and a comfortable stride. Brooks is huge on making better choices in material so that it does not affect our planet.

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Merrell Brand Review

Merrell Logo

Merrell footwear started around 1981 because of three key people: Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweitzer. They first started by designing high quality hiking boots. Everyone said that these were the, “best boots ever made.” Now, this company strives to keep creating new products to help people get outside!

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New Balance Brand Review

New Balance Logo

New Balance began in 1906 in Belmont, Massachusetts. New Balance is one of the only shoe companies that does not manufacturer overseas, however, they are extremely well known in the United States. This brand produces nearly every type of shoe you can think of, as well as a wide range of athletic apparel.

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Nike Brand Review

Nike Logo

Nike began in 1964 with Bill Bowerman, a respected track and field coach, and Phil Knight, a middle-distance runner. The company was first named Blue Ribbon Sports and in the late 70’s turned to the famous name, Nike. After that, sales sky rocketed and Nike became a globally recognized brand.

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Saucony Brand Review

Saucony Logo

This is an extremely well known American shoe brand that was founded in 1898 by four men from Kutztown, Pennsylvania. A.R. Hyde & Sons is significant to this company, because they bought their rights in 1968, and it became Hyde’s dominant brand. Now, they are best known for their athletic shoes and apparel.

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Vibram Brand Review

Vibram Logo

Vibram rubber soled shoes were inspired by the Italian Alpine climber, Vitale Bramani (his name combined forms the word Vibram). He applied rubber under his mountain boots, and because of this invention, Vibram shoes have been creating rubber based shoes ever since that work great for outdoor adventures.

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Vivo Brand Review

Vivo Logo

Vivo is a shoe company, created by Tim Brennan, that strives to create shoes that imitate barefoot running. This company is very popular and many people write in thanking the company for their shoes and say how they are the closest thing to barefoot running. Vivo recently launched a shoe line for kids.

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