RunnersIf you are a runner, want to be a runner or have ever thought about running, then chances are you have heard of minimalist running shoes or something called “barefoot running.” It is quickly growing in popularity around the world. Minimalist running shoes now account for over $1 billion annually in running shoe sales. They’re kind of a big deal.

But what do you know about minimalist running shoes? What’s the difference between all the various pairs popping up? Are they all the same?

This is why we created Minimalist Shoe Review. This new category of running shoe is very unique. For example, if I wanted to go out and buy basketball shoes, there would be certain pairs that are meant for basketball specifically. I could analyze them all and go with what felt the best and I could afford. One pair isn’t more of a basketball shoe than another. They all work for basketball.

Minimalist shoes are a bit different. Two shoes could both be considered minimalist shoes, however it is possible for one of the shoes to be “more minimalist” than the other. A minimalist shoe is one that mimics the barefoot running experience. It’s basically running barefoot with a sole between your foot and the ground to protect your feet. That’s about it.

But some minimalist shoes have zero drop soles, meaning there is no drop from heel to toe. Some have a few millimeters of drop. Some can fold in half while others are less flexible. Some are light and others are even lighter. Minimalist shoes aren’t like others in that they are all the same. All minimalist shoes are different and some are more minimalist than others, so you really have to know what works best for you.

Going to be running on a treadmill or road? Plan on jogging through hiking trails? There are different minimalist shoes for both of these scenarios, and so you have to know which shoes are made for what so you can properly compare them. We hope you can use our website as a resource to properly compare similar shoes so that you can find the best pair for you.

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